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Learn how automation and agile access controls can make your migration to 5G a success!

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In this live session, security specialist Silke Holtmanns and SSH.COM CTO Markku Rossi will help you embrace 5G and the challenges it brings for security and access management.

5G offers ultra-fast bandwidth and super low latency and brings new business opportunities for operators. Networks are becoming virtualized, software-defined and more flexible than ever. At the same time, an increasing number of 3rd parties, partners along with IoT service providers get access to the critical parts of operator networks, meaning that the core network becomes more open than ever before.

The security perimeter that used to be static is now constantly changing, increasing risk originating from both inside and outside the network. Learn how 5G network architecture has evolved to tackle those challenges and how you can succeed in the faster future.

Our experts welcome your questions and comments throughout this live webinar on April 4 at 2PM EET.  

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Top take-aways from this webinar

  • How to implement pre-emptive measures, such as attack detection and prevention and behavioral analytics
  • How to handle security for a growing number of machines and devices in operator networks efficiently
  • Security and access considerations for industry 4.0
  • Best practice for access management and authorization to core networks by 3rd parties





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